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Yes to Fairer Votes is the people’s campaign – your campaign.

by markjohnston on 21 February, 2011

Our successes aren’t down to clever advertising or cynical smear campaigns. People are saying Yes because they are tired of being ignored, overlooked and downright mocked by politicians.

Watch this video of campaigners across the country and their many reasons for saying Yes. Take a look and then pass it on to your friends – send an email, post it on Facebook, and do everything you can to show them why we’re fighting for AV and fairer politics:

With just two months to go, we’re leading in the polls. But we can’t rest on our laurels, not for one minute.

Too many of us know the spirit-sapping futility of casting a tactical vote. Time and again the people of the UK have suffered under politicians and parties who didn’t receive the majority of voters’ support.The result? Young people are growing up disaffected. People believe that their vote simply doesn’t count. For the sake of our political system and for future voters, we can’t let this continue.

At Yes to Fairer Votes, we don’t need politicians to speak on our behalf. The most important voices in this campaign are yours and your fellow campaigners.

This video and these people are your best resource to make a change. Share it with as many people as possible today, ask everyone you know to say Yes to AV on 5 May.


With thanks,

Katie Ghose
Chair, Yes to Fairer Votes

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