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Referendum – it’s not that complicated

by markjohnston on 18 April, 2011

NO campaigners will have you believe that the AV system is too complicated for voters to understand, or that votes of minorities  get counted more than those of the main stream parties.

Sometimes there are several candidates standing that have similar views, and this splits the vote, meaning that sometimes a candidate that the majority don’t like gets in. All AV does is say to the voters “if your candidate wasn’t standing, who would you vote for?”.

So, after the votes are counted, the one that gets the least votes is taken out and then effectively the answer to the question  “now who would you vote for” is looked at. Clearly the votes for the parties still in the race will stay the same, but, since the first votes for the eliminated candidate are no longer valid, the answer to the above question – who would you vote for if your candidate didn’t stand – their second choice – goes into the count.

No-one is being counted any more than anyone else, but it does mean you don’t have to worry about whether to vote tactically or not.  With AV you just put down who you like, in order of preference. That’s it! That’s why we’re voting YES in the referendum.

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