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Dan Snow’s Alternative

by markjohnston on 25 April, 2011

Here’s a brief explanation of AV and why it’s clearly a better system that our current First Past the Post, and why we think you should vote YES on May 5th.

There’s a lot of nonsense talked about AV but the truth is simple – by every measure it’s a fairer, more effective and more common sense voting system.

Hopefully this film shows that whereas our current system can produce obviously unfair results, AV will always produce a result the majority of voters are happy with.

There are many other ways in which AV is an improvement including:
– fewer safer seats
– no need for tactical voting
– harder for extremists to get elected

For a detail look at these issues there are many excellent blogs such as:



and of course the Yes Campaign site:

Please do make the effort to vote on May 5th — this is our one chance in a generation to change the way this country works for the better.

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